Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ace of Air

Ace of Air
Gaian Tarot

Oddly enough, I initially read this card as reversed as the butterfly is hanging upside down.  To me this card reversed would be about cocooning and not being ready to go through a change.  However, the card is actually upright and shows me blossoming and being ready to spread my wings and fly.

I think I'm finally in a place were I can really love.  I can accept that I am worthy of love and worthy to be someone's partner.

December 25, 2017

Last year in a lot of ways was about laying the groundwork for being ready for love.  It was about understanding what unconditional love is and what it isn't.  Unconditional love is about loving someone in spite of their annoying habits and idiosyncrasies, but it is not about loving someone who is abusive.  It is also not about sacrificing yourself on the altar of love.  John demanded sacrifices that I wasn't willing or ready to give and his favorite line was, "Well if you loved me, you would.."  However, that's not what love is.  Love is not about forcing or guilting someone in to doing something.  It is about giving and receiving love with an open heart. 

Love doesn't mean that you have the right to demand someone sacrifice themselves for you.  You can accept someone's sacrifice, but you cannot demand it.  John constantly browbeat me and manipulated me under the pretense of love.  I'm strong enough now to accept and realize that if he truly loved me, he would not have demanded the sacrifices he demanded. 

I'm so proud of how much I have grown and matured in the past year because I am in a place where I understand what love is and I understand that it is okay to say no to someone you love and that it is okay to set boundaries with someone you love.

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