Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The World

The World
Gaian Tarot
Book:  All should be well, Best of all possible cards, Wholeness, integration of spiritual, emotional, and physical lives, a major stage of your life is complete, A new phase should start soon, Remembering your birthright as a child of heaven and earth.


I'm not exactly sure what was going on that I ended up with three cards for the day, but I believe that nothing happens by accident so I'll go with it.  The World is about wholeness and completion about about being at one with the universe.  It is a card that is about being pregnant with possibilities.

This card gives me a sense of completion and it feels as if one phase of my life is ending and another is just beginning.  It feels as if I am ready to move on and to recognize my own worth.  I don't need to prove myself anymore.  I know my worth and the value that I bring to the table. 

I wonder if this is about my job situation as I'm ready to move on and to have a more settled life. 

May 8, 2016

World, completion, fulfillment, being whole, knowing my place in the world, accepting life's gifts

December 25, 2016

What truly struck me as I was reading through this was the phrase "accepting life's gifts."  That's where I've been at lately as I've been working hard to accept and appreciate all the wondrous things that life has to offer and when I start to complain about something, I refocus myself and remind myself about all the good stuff that comes my way.  When I complain about my kitchen, I remind myself about how amazing my house is.  When I complain about work, I remind myself that I have a job.  Sometimes it's difficult to do this as it feels unnatural, but I just keep reminding myself that every skill we ever learn feels unnatural at some point in time.  The trick is to keep at it and eventually it will start feeling less strange.

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