Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Four of Cups (Reversed)

Four of Cups
First Impressions:  A giant hand is holding one of the chalices and the three others are sitting there.  The man looks either made or as if he is being obstinate.  Reversed, this card tells me to appreciate what I have.

Book:  New opportunities, keen to enter a new and dynamic time, fear of being alone, omen to start a new relationship, ready to face the world again

Guidance:  Open your heart to love

December 23, 2017

It was another day where all I did was pull the card and didn't spend anytime journaling.  It's really frustrating when I come across those days because the best part of re-reading my tarot journals is realizing where I was at and seeing if I've learned anything since I originally pulled the card. 

It is interesting to me how many times over the past year the cards have pretty much screamed at me to open my heart to love.  That's hard for me to do because I've been hurt so badly; however, I also realize that I will never have love in my life unless I am willing to open my heart and be willing to risk being hurt and/or disappointed.  That's a really scary thing for me to contemplate, but I decided that this year (starting on my birthday) was going to be the year of love and I'm currently working on self love and on opening up my heart  It's a little hard and a little scary, but day by day I'm getting there.

Clark is a really good role model for opening my heart to love a he just assumes people love him and he doesn't wait.  He jumps in to love with both feet and even though I know he had a hard life before we adopted him, he is so open to being loved.  I need to emulate him.

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