Saturday, September 17, 2016

Six of Wands

Six of Rods
Hanson Roberts
Immediate Impressions:  This conquering hero is wearing a laurel wreath as a symbol of victor.  His helmet is gold and one of the rods holds a wreath in celebration.  The sun is shining over the entire scene providing light and energy and seeming to celebrate with the returning hero.  My immediate response to the card is that it is a card of victory, homecoming, and provides a sense of completion.

Book:  Victory and success through one's own efforts.  Mastery of the self.  Leadership.  Victory but not satisfaction.

Guidance:  Enjoy your victory


I'm not sure why I pulled this card today as I don't feel victorious.  I feel totally beaten down by lie and trapped.  I'm not sure what the victory could be.  Maybe the key is to take myself out of the moment and work to see the bigger picture.

When I do that, I am able to see that overall I have a wonderful life that I truly love.  I'm also choosing to remind myself that none of the drama at work is my drama.  This is all Gateway's Drama and my job is to stay out of the insanity.

It is also a victory that I understand how detrimental the drama is.

December 22, 2017

More lessons in drama and victory.  I let myself get all swirly this week over work stuff.  There was a reorganization and I'm not thrilled that I have a new boss.  The rational part of me knows that Joe will have more time to spend on building an OCM practice.  I know he believes in and supports OCM, but my initial gut reaction was negative and my mind wandered to the question of whether or not I should look for a new job.  That has always been my go-to reaction in the past when there was a change.  I never stuck around to see if it was going to be positive or negative.  I just left.  And that is what my scaredy cat little self wants to do this go round.   However, I've decided that this time I'm not going to run screaming.  I'm going to face my fears and stay and see what happens.

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