Sunday, October 9, 2016

Daily Draw: Magician (R)

Initial Impressions:  Out of my control, powerless

Book:  Ineffective communication, hidden motives, inability to manifest desires, lack of ideas and willpower, defeated, focus on self

Guidance:  Accept the limitations of your power


This card is so appropriate as I have been feeling so powerless lately  I feel as if my life is not my own and as if I will never have the rich, full life I want.  It seems as if I am trapped working at a job I really don't like to pay the bills.  I am so flipping depressed as if feels that nothing I do moves the energy.  I'm really ready for my happily ever after.

Just trust.  It will all work out.  You just need to trust the energy and let it move.  You will be okay.


 As I think back to where I was when I pulled this card, i realized that I was stuck and feeling like I wasn't able to move forward because I couldn't have the person that I wanted.  In the time since, I've realized that sometimes we need to let go of our dreams because there is something bigger and better waiting for us.

I've also learned that it is really important to know ourselves and be comfortable with ourselves.  I think I'm finally getting to that place where I can say that I love myself without feeling like I'm lying.  And that's a whole lot of progress.

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