Monday, October 31, 2016

Daily Draw: Three of Cups

First Impressions:  Friendship and fellowship

Book:  Celebration, jubilee, merriment, people who are genuine and truly supportive

Guidance:  Rejoice and celebrate


This card is hard for me as I really don't have a lot of friendships to revel in.  I'm a little shy and I'm afraid of getting close to people.  I sometimes feel as if people use me and that doesn't feel very nice.  I'm feeling that way around S.  a lot.  It feels as if when I need a reading or am buying dinner, eh has time for me, but that when I just need to talk he doesn't.  I need to sit with this a little while, but it doesn't feel good.

May 26, 2018

I still don't have a lot of friends, but I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin and I'm feeling more comfortable alone.  I'm also realizing that it is better to be alone than to have people in your life who use you.  I think where I'm at right now is that I just need to accept that people come into our lives for a reason and sometimes that reason is to teach a lesson about who to trust and who not to trust.  S. was someone who I let in and I think that was okay as he helped me and listened when I really needed it.  My life has changed and I no longer fit into his life.  And that's okay.  I can just let go and know that I learned from him and now it is time to move on.

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