Friday, November 11, 2016

Daily Draw: Hierophant

First Impressions:   Social order, traditional structures, teachers

Book:  Leader and teacher, symbol of human kindnesses greatest achievement, respect the achievement

Guidance:  Respect the achievements of generations past, use that knowledge to curate with beauty and wisdom, make sure beliefs make sense to your own heart


Interesting meaning of the heirophant in holistic tarot.  It is all about the keeper of secrets and concealment.  It was an odd day today as I pocket dialed X multiple times today.  this lawsuit has me really rattled and he always makes me feel safe.  I feel as if nothing can go wrong as long as he's got my back.  Today was hard as i started to feel like i care for him more than he cares for me.  That's not a space I like to be in.

July 6, 2019

I obviously wrote the above when I was in a very bad space.  Three years ago I already knew that I cared for him way more than he cared for me, but the lawsuit made me feel scared and lonely so I was clinging to an illusion.  I know why this card made me think of him though and that is because the hierophant was always the card that came up for him when Scott and I read.  When I look at this in retrospect, I believe it is because he represents the patriarchy and the belief that there is an order to the world and that men are at the top of that order.

That is the belief that I had for so long as I thought that because I was a woman I could never be strong or confident.  However, I've realized that that is not true and that I can be strong, confident, and amazing.  I am just as good as a man.  I work just as hard and I am just as smart.  I'm also starting to see women who are leaders and who are doing an amazing job at it.  The stereotype that I grew up with was that women stayed at home and they just had little jobs to keep them busy if they got bored, but they certainly could never be a real leader.  However, that is bulls*t.  I'm sure that my daddy believed that because the bible says that women should not lead men, but that's just a fallacy.

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