Sunday, November 6, 2016

Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles

First Impressions:  Grounded mature, financially responsible

Book:  Strong, self contained, confidence, creating a life filled with beauty

Guidance:  Maintain the joy in creativity, be wise and not just frugal


What an auspicious card to draw on my birthday.  The Queen of Pentacles is grounded and mature and who I want to be in my life.  I'm making progress, but I have to work on my body.  That is the one area where I feel I don't have control.  I am so addicted to sugar.  I just eat it without even thinking.  I believe it is because my life is not sweet and I eat sugar to compensate.

September 1, 2018

I am finally taking definitive action on my sugar addiction.  I've started tracking my food diligently and although I am totally feeling horrible today, I know that it will get better.  I also have been working hard to treat myself with more compassion and that's hard because I am so used to beating myself up and being unkind.  It is a journey, but a journey that is important and worth taking.

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