Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Daily Draw: Seven of Cups

First Impressions:  Choices

Book:  Distraction, faced with many choices, be aware of distractions, temptation, at a crossroads, wishful thinking

Guidance:  Be aware of distraction, find inspiration where you can, exercise greater patience and self control


This was a great card today as I am in a place of choices.  I can choose to continue believing X is strong enough to do the right thing or accept that this has all been an illusion.  I do believe that he has feelings for me, but I also have to accept that he is weak.  He wasn't able to tell me why he's not talking tome and that's rude.  A part of me is drawing parallels to walking away form my mother, but they really aren't the same as I am self aware enough to know my weaknesses and she is not.

There is a possibility that my last exchange, but i don't think so.  I think the truth is that he has feelings for me that he can't acknowledge and that makes him uncomfortable.  Or his wife told him to stop talking to me.  Either way, it is really weak to just walk away after all the time we've been friends.  I deserve better than that.

July 8, 2018

This was just another one of those times where we stopped talking for a short period of time, then were right back to talking to one another.  I'm really tired of the dance, but I don't know how to stop dancing.  There is this pull between us and I don't know how to stop.  Yes, I do.  If I really wanted to stop the dance, I could cut the cord.

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