Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Daily Draw: Wheel of Fortune

First Impressions;  Changes, endings, and beginnings

Book:  Life is full of cycles, events being good or bad based on ow we view them, destiny, life, death and rebirth

Guidance:  Be centered and secure, recognize the effect the past has on the present


Interesting card considering the exercise I'm planning.  I want to go through key touch points in my life and pull a card to give advice to my younger self.  I'm a little hesitant, but it's something I feel called to do.  I want to make peace with my past so I can let it go and move on.  I feel like I have grown and changed so much and I'm ready to dig in some pieces of my past that are painful.  I think the seeds of my present are there and I need to make piece with who I was. 

Writing the letters was amazingly powerful.  All the cards were dead on.  The one I struggled with was eight of pentacles, but I finally realized that it was about focusing on work and not forming attachments.  Pretty spot on.

July 1, 2018

The exercise of pulling cards for pieces of my life is still one of the most powerful Tarot exercises I have ever done.  To actually look at and address the painful pieces of my life and speak to who I was.  Although, I cannot change the past, looking back with compassion and acknowledging my pain was incredibly powerful and was really healing.

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