Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Daily Draw: Nine of Swords

First Impressions:  Nightmares

Book:  Troubled by a larger problem, alone and closed out

Guidance:  Reach out and get comfort, be aware of isolation and let someone in to guide and comfort you


It is hard for me right now for me and I find myself continually disappointed by people.  I reached out to the UU's stupid Laughter in Our Lives group and they disappointed me.  Not one of the people reached out to say, "Hope your daughter is okay."  Instead they just harassed me and were rude.  Forget them, I do not need that kind of BS in my life.

November 20, 2017

I have to look at things realistically and in a balanced way.  What would I have done if an acquaintance had said her daughter was hurt?  I would have said I'm sorry and asked what I could do.  However, not one of those bitches did that.  I don't want to be associated with people like that and if that is the level of support the church provides, then forget it.  It isn't that I need everyone fawning all over me, but an acknowledgement would have been nice.

October 26, 2018

I'm getting chills realizing that I pulled the nightmare card on the day one of my worst nightmares came true.  My daughter was abducted and assaulted.  There was a period of an hour or so where we did not know where she was and I was terrified that she was dead.  Fortunately, we got to her and even though she is struggling, she is still alive and is still being the amazing fighter that she is.

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