Monday, September 19, 2016

The Magician

Hanson Roberts
First Impressions:  I always call this version of The Magician the Staying Alive card because he reminds me of John Travolta in Staying Alive.  He also reminds me of Fabio with the bare chest.  I love the roses in the tree around him which makes me smile.  This card speaks to me of directing power, using resources wisely, and making things happen.

Book:  Creativity, inspiration, letting inspiration flow through you, power of the mind, card of individuality

Guidance:  Trust and let go of worries, master yourself


What an appropriate card for today.  I truly had to channel energy today and make things work that seemed impossible.  I've also realized what one of my key skills is: I am a closer and I can make things happen that seem impossible.  I can also create order out of chaos.

December 23, 2017

I have absolutely no clue what was going on that I felt this card was important.  I know I was working at Gateway last year, but I'm not sure what was happening.  However, I do know that I've always been a closer as I'm creative and I find ways to make things work that other people can't see.  I also a a bulldog and I don't let go when I think there is a way.  Sometimes I hold on to things longer than I should and I am learning that sometimes it is okay to let go and walk away, but I'm also proud of the creativity I bring to my life.

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