Friday, March 23, 2018

Daily Draw: Seven of Cups

First Impressions:  Choices, delusions

Book:  Visions of what might be

Guidance:  Do not tempted by delusions, do not deceive yourself, back up visions with work


When I look at this card, I see all the things I could have, if only they were real.  I don't think my dreams are that big or that delusional, but what I want to manifest does not seem to big or grandiose.  Do affirmations every day and let go.  How it manifests is not your concern, just know that it will. 

Interesting, int he last week I've drawn the seven, eight, and nine of pentacles, but not in sequence.  Am I to put them in sequence?

December 25, 2018

This card, like all Tarot cards, can be complicated and can mean so many things.  It can mean that we are deluding ourselves, it can mean that we have choices to make, or it can mean that we are pulled between two many things.  The amazing thing about tarot cards, as I'm learning, is that you read them differently depending on where you are in your life and maybe that is what makes them so cool.  When I am in a good place, I read this as having choices and as there being a lot of amazing stuff in my future.  However, when I'm not in a good place, I read it as being delusional and beat myself up and tell myself I'm not worthy of anything.

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