Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Daily Draw: The Tower

First Impressions:  Dramatic change, the world tumbling down

Book:  All around is destruction, ignorance and stupidity produce man's greatest ills, change, conflict

Guidance:  If it has to be destroyed, be rid of it, don't be selfish, listen to wisdom and reason, can mean a change


I always have mixed feelings about the tower card.  It means change of the sudden and dramatic type.  I'm not ready to have my life shaken up, but then I guess no one is ever ready for that kind of shakeup.  I do know that I'm not happy right now and I'm feeling lonely and at loose ends.  I'm not positive how to resolve that, but maybe being in California for two weeks will be good for me.  I'm sad about giving up my poetry reading, but I also didn't want to do the trip home with the horrendous commute.  I guess I just need to be open to what is and open my heart.

December 29, 2018

There are so many amazing things about pulling tarot cards on a consistent basis and about going back and actually reading through and reflecting on what I've written.  For me, it is amazing to see that my highs and lows are evening out.  As I do my tarot on a regular basis, I am starting to realize that there are always highs and lows and that the day starting out poorly does not mean that it will end poorly.  I have way more control about how the day ends than I think I do.  I have been working really hard to step back and put my life into perspective instead of just letting myself freak out over everything.  Taking the time to do that really and truly helps.

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