Friday, June 21, 2019

Deliberate Draw: The Sun

First Impressions:  Warmth, fun, sun, happy

Book:  Sun brings us deep, but simple joy, life is good, there is nothing to fear, renewed vitality, love

Guidance:  Open up to receive the sun


I have to just get this out there that I hate this version of the sun.  The kid looks utterly creepy as he has an old man face.  However, I love the sun card because it makes me think of sitting out in the sun and basking.  For me,t he sun is one of the best ways that I learn to receive.  I can just sit outside and let the sun fill me with warmth and that helps me let down my defenses and receive.  I don't do a good job at receiving because I always assume that someone has an ulterior motive, but there is no ulterior motive with the sun and I can just let down my defenses and receive. 

Spending time hanging out on the patio with Cam and the dogs is amazing.  It isn't fancy and it doesn't require any investment, but there is something so peaceful about just being and watching Wendy lift her face to the sun is a magical experience.  I can feel her soaking in all the warmth and joy the sun has to offer.  It makes me so sad that she was deprived before we got her and she didn't have the love and affection that she does now.

In some ways, Wendy is the ultimate at receiving because she is so good at receiving love with no reservations.  She loves me fully and wholeheartedly and it makes me feel so humble to know that I am loved that much.  She loves to give kisses and I've learned to just receive them.  I don't really enjoy her enthusiastic licks, but I love how happy she is to give them to me.

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