Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Three of Wands

First Impressions:  Swinging, feet not touching the ground, trust

Book:  Ambition and future vision, you have the mature perspective and vantage point to see the big picture and make your dreams come true

Guidance:  You are doing the right thing, Focus your will toward your vision


I actually got chills as I read the words from the guidebook as they mirror the message I got from spirit and the condors.  Soaring with the condors allows me to see the big picture and the entire path laid out before me, but living cairn by cairn helps me to see the next right step and to follow through.  I need both of these perspectives in order to be successful.  I know that I often get mired down in the details and don't see how each activity connects with the next one, but the condors help me to see that.  They help me to soar above the minutia and see the path illuminated for me.

For me the message is that I am doing the right thing and school is right for me and it will lead me to my destiny, but to get there I do need to do the next right thing.  The next right thing for me right now is the conference in August and after that it is the AAR convention.  I don't know what comes after that, but I do know that the path will have lots of twists and turns.  I cannot see them all, but the guidance they are giving me is that I just need to keep doing the next right thing and periodically take the time to soar about the trees to see the big picture.  Taking time to see the big picture doesn't mean that I should distrust living cairn by cairn, but it means that seeing the big picture will help me plan long term.

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