Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Five of Wands

First Impressions:  Conflict, anger, crossed swords (wands)

Book:  Conflict often brings surprising gifts, being challenged causes you to get clear on what you believe and builds your self confident

Guidance:  Do not run from confrontation, but see what insights it might offer, be confident, but playful


It was a rough day today as it just felt like there was so much conflict and ugliness, particularly among the consulting team.  It feels like certain players just don't want to play by the rules, but want to make their own rules.  And it's really frustrating because they don't see the fact that they are making decisions that are not theirs to make and as such are causing anger and dissension among the ranks.  I also  see a total lack of personal responsibility and willingness to take ownership for their bad behavior.  However, I also see the person who is in charge being unwilling to engage in confrontation.  It's really hard to call people on their bad behavior, but if you don't do it and you try to take the nice way, things never get better.  I have learned the hard way that idiots who refuse to follow directions generally need to be told they are idiots before they get in line.  If you just continue to accommodate them, they will continue to behave badly.

The problem is that I'm not in charge of this rodeo so I'm not empowered to make them stop behaving badly and if I do step in, that just makes the situation worse.  However, it is also not my rodeo and I need to stop taking it all personally and stop making it about me.  It's not about me and I'm not the one that needs to tamp down the insurrection.  This is a good lesson for me about leadership and management because I see the person in charge doing the wrong things.  She needs to squash the rebellion and cut off their avenues of escape/escalation.  And until she is willing to do that, we won't get very far.  She is just way to accommodating.  There is a difference between being in a position where you don't truly have power and one where you don't.  I generally don't have power so I need to look for allies to help enforce things. 


Going to sleep on time
Watching Anthony Bourdain in Ghana
IMing with Cam
Getting support from my extended team

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