Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Seven of Wands

First Impressions:  Barrier, putting up your guard

Book:  Something makes your blood run hot, something you are passionate about,

Guidance:  Hold to your truth, no matter who or what tries to sway you, know the risks and recognize your limitations


This project makes my blood run hot as everyone is so rude and hateful.  It is as if the major thing is to complain about the client and act as if they are stupid.  When it actuality it is our consultants who are totally ignorant.  Most of them have never worked on the client side before and all they want to do is get through the workshops.  The project needs a total reset and the consultants need to be slapped.  I've totally checked out as I'm just ready to move on and do something meaningful.  This isn't meaningful and it is not really advancing my career.

However, I need to remind myself that this too shall pass.  I worked for Ahmed for a year and it was horrible, but I learned something and then I was ready to move on.  Now, I'm in a position to observe and see how this is screwed up.  The reality is that it comes from the top and as long as Tom is out of control, the entire project will remain out of control.  As long as he is all about being liked, nothing will change.  However, I just have to let go and know that there are other projects out there.

I also view this card as a reminder that other people's behavior is their responsibility and not mine.  I also have to remember to not take it personally and that if someone is a jerk, that is on them and not on me.


Feeling better
Good lunch with the team
Beautiful sunset
Kids are taking care of Wendy

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