Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Strength

First Impressions:  Safety, security

Book:  Calm and firm, but not aggressive, living in harmony with her wild nature, knows the source of her strength is love

Guidance:  Tap into the deep sources of strength within you, look at balance


I love this card as it is a reminder that we all have passions and baser instincts, but that we can channel them and live in harmony with ourselves and others.  I don't view this card so much as taming my passions as it is about taming my baser nature.  My baser nature is the side of me that blurts things out before speaking and that doesn't take the time to think through the potential ramifications of my decisions.  Those are still my go to responses, but I'm learning that those may not be the best responses.

One of the lessons that I've really been struggling to learn lately is that sometimes I have to be the grown up in the room and that even when people are behaving badly, I sometimes get upset that I have to alter my approach while other people get to get away with being jackasses.  However, the biggest lesson I learned from my mother is that you cannot save people who do not want to be saved or do not believe they need to be saved.  I also get to choose my response based on what is in  my best interests and if it in my best interests to get along, that's what I'll do while I plan my exit strategy.

Another important lesson is that everyone does not have to like me.  There are some people that I just need to get along with.


I'm grateful Sean got here safely
I'm grateful Cam took Wendy and Clark for walkies
I'm grateful for some quiet time
I'm grateful for good meetings
I'm grateful for Godfather's Pizza
I'm grateful for the great comments from Pat

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