Monday, July 8, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Temperance

First Impressions:  Balance, creating magick, blending, creating something new, openness

Book:  Grace and precision, blending different elements of life into a work of art, teaches us to balance opposites, urges temperance in all things, often brings message of physical or spiritual healing

Guidance:  Think before you act


It is always interesting to me how the exact words I need to hear spring up out of a reading.  I was debating whether or not I needed to take a walk today and my brain was being whiny and saying, "You had a hard day, it's okay if you don't walk today."  Then I read that this was often a message of physical healing and that was the kick int he ass I needed to get my butt out and taking a walk today.  I know that I need to do something physical every day and that was one of my goals for the year, but there are days when it is just way too easy to be lazy.  I'm learning that being self indulgent once in a while is okay, but it is when it becomes a pattern.  It's when there are too many days in a row where I'm self indulgent that it is a pattern.

The other piece that struck me about this reading was the blending of different elements of life into a work of art.  I'm not there yet and I don't know if I consider the various elements of my life blended because sometimes I think that I compartmentalize too much.  However, I do know that I am working to make all of the parts of my life work together so that I'm moving in one direction instead of being so disparate.  Although I did work this evening, my goal is to be able to do my work during the days so that my evenings when I travel are dedicated to school work.  If I can get to that point, I'll be able to spend the time I'm home truly being present for my family. 

I think one of the most interesting pieces of this card is that the angel is blending water to create something so this is about truly blending the elements of my life and not about balancing them and having balance in my life.  This also tells me that there are times when one piece of my life will get more attention than another.  Maybe having a balanced life is really impossible and we should strive for a blended life where everything comes together to create a full life.

I got a good night's sleep
I had a peaceful morning at the hotel
I had a yummy salad for dinner
I got a nice email from Lisa
We had a good decision paper session
I made time to tarot today

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