Sunday, August 25, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Death

First Impressions:  Through a tunnel to new beginnings

Book:  From all endings, comes a promise of new beginnings

Guidance:  Death of something that needs to end, open yourself to possibilities


This card made me think of Elif and her journey over the rainbow bridge.  She's fading fast and I know that she will be leaving the earthly realm soon, but I got a sense of comfort today as I caught an image of her and Ollie getting into mischief in the next realm and of there being best buds.  It was such a peaceful image that it left me with a sense of peace and hope.  However, Cam is so distraught today as she contemplates losing another animal and having to take care of it by herself.  I had to leave to go to work and couldn't be there for her and Sean is so upset about Elif dying that he can't think of anyone but himself and is being so angry.

I am so proud of my girl as even though the easy thing to do would be to just leave Elif in her cage, she is choosing to be present for her, to hold her, to bathe her, and to take care of her.  She has such an amazing spirit and she is the kindest and most compassionate person that I know.  I  know that her heart is being ripped to shreds right now, but instead of thinking of her own feelings, she is putting Elif's needs first.  I wish I was half as loving and compassionate as she is.


I'm grateful that I was there for Cam this morning
I'm grateful that I was there for her on the phone this evening
I'm grateful that I was kind to Sean instead of being mean
I'm grateful for the safe drive
I'm grateful I got a good room
I'm grateful I wasn't killed on Friday
I'm grateful for hanging out at home with the doggos
I'm grateful for snuggling with Wendy

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