Saturday, August 10, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Empress

First Impressions:  mother and child, nurturing, loving

Book:  Great mother who nurtures and provides

Guidance:  Open ourselves to what we need, give and receive love


Today was a pretty incredible day and I did a good job of opening myself up to what we need to give and receive love.  I opened myself up to having a good day, to being in a place to receive all the amazing blessings that I have in my life and to just be with Cam.  We went to Raven & Crone in Ashville and it felt really good to be around pagans and to soak up the good energy.  It's funny how I can usually put myself into Pagan Standard Time as I was pretty annoyed when they were a few minutes late opening, but once I got in there I just let myself enjoy looking, smelling, and just being.  Can and I went to the Folk Art Center and the art is just amazing as people have taken traditional Appalachian folk arts and used them to create things of beauty.  We also wandered around in a little mountain town that happened to be having a festival and I got a wood spirit carving for our house.

Next stop was Bat Cave and Cam and I were able to find the mountain stream that we'd happened across 10 years earlier.  We had kind of vaguely known where it was, but we knew enough that we were able to find it.  We stopped at Bat Cave Apple Barn and we paid a dollar to park.  Then we picked our way down the rocks until we got to the Broad River.  We ended up sitting with our feet in the water and it was an amazing way to cool off.  Cam later told me that she was a little afraid that I'd end up falling and breaking my head, but I made it down to the river and was incredibly proud of myself.  We also wandered into a little store along the side of the road and the lady had a "pet" vulture.  He wasn't caged, but apparently he and his partner regularly visited her.

Spending the day with Cam was such a treat as she is so funny and quirky and always gives me things to think about.  It was also so nice to just let go of work.


I am grateful for the fun day that Cam and I had
I'm grateful for Cam helping me down to the water
I'm grateful for the beautiful weather
I'm grateful for the yummy peach cobbler
I'm grateful for the Folk Art Center
I'm grateful for wandering around in the little town
I'm grateful for seeing the vulture
I"m grateful for buying a Bat Cave
I'm grateful for Sean taking good care of the critters
I'm grateful for the solitude
I'm grateful for the silliness of Lil' Wen

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