Saturday, August 31, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Knight of Wands

First Impressions:  Wisdom, endurance

Book:  Searching for enlightenment

Guidance:  Open yourself to the world of spirit


I was drawn to this card because it feels warm and wise and the meaning of opening yourself to the world of spirit is apt for me because I need to balance my book learning with opening my heart to new things.  I love my school work, but I also know that I have a tendency to become obsessed and to focus all my energy on brain learning and not let myself take time for the softer types of learning, of feeling, and of being present for myself.  I can sit my butt on the couch and type all day without noticing the beauty and wonder that is all around me.  One way that I know to counter this is to physically get up and clean the house once or twice a day.  Doing so helps me to get out of my head and into my body, and getting out of my head and into my body helps reconnect me with spirit.

The other thing that I need to get better about doing is getting into an actual routine for my tarot journaling.  I've been really bad about not doing that every day and I think that is because I don't yet have a set routine.  I actually like doing it at night because it feels like a really good way to end the day, especially when I am pulling cards deliberately, but lately I've been letting myself get so sucked into school that I haven't made the 10 minutes it takes a day to pull a card and right about it.  I also have to quit working right up until time to go to bed.  The one thing that I am doing right though is making time to connect on the Dark Goddess Lodge.  I'm actually doing the meditations and reflecting on them on a regular basis.  That's helping me connect with spirit on a deeper level and is adding meaning to my life and helping me to grow.


I'm grateful for Sean's yummy casserole
I'm grateful for sitting outside with Cam
I'm grateful for the ever cooling weather
I'm grateful for the yummy Jamocha shake
I'm grateful that Sean brought Mexican pizza home
I'm grateful for being able to afford a cartload of food
I'm grateful that I have money to pay my bills
I'm grateful for laughing with my kids
I'm grateful I made myself spend some time on cleaning

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