Thursday, August 29, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Seven of Cups

First Impressions:  Reading the tea leaves

Book:  Making your fantasies into reality

Guidance:  Tune into the feelings your visions evoke and make a decision which ones to manifest


This is an interesting card for me because one of the things I have realized lately is that I am not solely in charge of my destiny and just because I want something does not mean that I can manifest it.  If that was true, I would have manifested love a long time ago..  To a certain extent that has soured me on manifesting because it feels like I put my whole heart and soul into manifesting love, but I came up empty.  I also put as much real world energy into it as possible and still nada.  That was and is a very bitter disappointment because I know that I deserve love and I know that I have love to give, so I'm not sure why I was unable to manifest love despite my best interests.

For the most part, I really enjoy my life and I know that i have created a life to be proud of.  I've manifested a beautiful home, I have a job I mostly like, and I'm going to school, but I don't have the one thing that I want more than anything else and that hurts and makes me wonder if all of the energy I've put into manifestation has been wasted.  I know there are some who would say that I was too specific, but I think the universe should be able to figure out the essence of what I want.  There are some days I feel like I'm only living half a life because I'm alone and being alone truly sucks.

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