Sunday, August 18, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Six of Cups

First Impressions:  Friendship, happiness, laughter

Book:  Little girl is focused on giving her friends what they desire

Guidance:  Open your heart to friendship and love and it will be returned


The six of cups is not a card that I normally like as most versions are kind of creepy and seem like they really promote an imbalance of power.  However, I love this card as it is about love and friendship and taking care of the people that we love.  That is the perfect card for today as it was the City Dogs Reunion and it was so wonderful to see all the smiles on both the people and the dogs.  City Dogs is truly a place of love as they work so hard to promote these dogs that other people ignore and look past.  I know that I was a little scared of getting a pit bull, but once we got Clark and I realized how sweet and loving he was, I got over my fears.  They are sweet and amazing dogs.

It is so easy to love them because they are funny and smart and all they want to do is be loved.  They don't really care if you have a lot of money or how you look, they know what is in your heart and they return the love that is given to them ten times over.  Getting Clark was such a good decision because he really and truly helped Cam to heal.  I don't know if she would have survived without him.  He snuggles with her and night and helps keep away the boogeyman.  He has been her rock and I know that there are days when having to take care of him is what helps her get through the day.

Wendy has become my heart because she is so sweet and loving.  I think it is because she reminds me of myself in that at first glance she seems downtrodden and used up, but her heart is so pure and open.  All she really wants is for people to love her.  I remember the day we got her and how she was so exhausted and slept so much.  It was as if she felt safe for the first time in a long time.  There were no other dogs yipping and she had a safe warm place to nest in.  It was as if she felt safe and knew that she had people who were going to take care of her.  I'm also so glad that she isn't scared about there not being food anymore.  She knows that we will take care of her.


I'm grateful for the City Dogs Volunteers
I'm grateful for seeing Wendy smile
I'm grateful they didn't check for Clark's tags
I'm grateful for the warm sun
I'm grateful for arriving in Chicago safely
I'm grateful for my snug and private hotel room

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