Sunday, August 11, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Three of Cups

First Impressions:  Friendship, having fun

Book:  Three friends having fun

Guidance:  Cherish friendship and emotional bonds with people


I don't have a lot of friends in my life and I'm not good at making friends and just hanging out with someone else.  I have to admit that when Heather first reached out to me, my first instinct was to say no because I didn't want to expend the emotional energy to meet someone else.  However, I am so glad that I said yes and that we went out and had a good dinner.  We share a lot of the same interests and values and it was awesome to talk to someone who gets the things I'm interested in.  It was very comfortable, relaxed, and awesome.  She also admitted to me that she doesn't have a lot of friends and that it's hard for her to meet people.  I really felt like we bonded.

Cam and I also had a great day visiting the lemur research center, going to the yarn store, and just hanging out.  We also went to The Holy Rose which is a wonderful Pagan Store in Durham and I spent about 10 minutes just meditating in front of the Virgin Mary statue.  It was really nice to just sit there and let her love wash over me.  I felt her presence so strongly and she brought me such a sense of love and peace.  It also made me want to commit to set up an actual altar where I worship on a regular basis as I think there is an amazing sense of piece that comes from having a place that collects energy.  I also know that it has to be a private place as anything I put in a public place becomes a junk heap.

I was also happy that I had time to just hang out by myself and destress.  I don't get a lot of time by myself without having a ton of obligations so it was really nice. 


I'm grateful for visiting the amazing lemur and seeing how cute they are
I'm grateful for finding an awesome yarn store for Cam to visit
I'm grateful that the Residence Inn let us check in early
I'm grateful that our rooms face the woods
I'm grateful that Heather reached out to me
I'm grateful that Cam was okay hanging out by herself
I'm grateful for meeting Heather and for the amazing dinner

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