Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Deliberate Draw: The Universe

First Impressions:  At home in my own skin, beautiful

Book:  Mind, body, and spirit move in harmony with one another, emblem of wholeness, cycle reaching completion

Guidance:  Know yourself and your place in the world


This is a card I hated when I first started working with the World Spirit Tarot.  I hated how fat she is and how she always seemed to turn up to represent me.  However, as I've learned to love myself and to be more comfortable in my own skin, I've started to see her beauty and her wholeness and started to appreciate my own beauty and wholeness.  I find that when I focus on my wholeness and my beautiful spirit, I glow and I'm able to laugh at what comes my way.  That doesn't mean that ugly stuff does not upset me, but it means I am more able to take it in stride.

I love that this is a card of completion and a card of moving into the next phase.  In a lot of ways, this card is the precursor to the fool card as she is whole and complete, but there always comes a next phase and I think the Universe is in that place of celebration before moving into the next phase.  I also love that she is whole and complete in and of herself.  She does not need anyone to complete her.  She is complete all by herself.

I'm grateful for the good day at work
I'm grateful for the good call with Alliance Laundry
I'm grateful for being at peace with myself
I'm grateful for going to bed early

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