Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Deliberate Draw:Knight of Swords

First Impressions:  Spark of intelligence and learning

Book: An action that allows a dark cloud to be split and sunny days shine through

Guidance:  Be decisive


Cam has been my sword cutting through the dark clouds this week.  I'm enjoying this week so much and I really don't want to have to go back to work and deal with all the BS that that entails.  I want to figure out how to live in a world where I can learn and do research all the time and not have to deal with all the BS that my current job entails.  Hanging out with Cam and seeing how brave she is and how well she deals with her situation is an inspiration.

One of the things that strikes me about this card is that it is not always possible to be decisive, especially if you believe that spirit leads you.  I do believe that I'm being lead and sometimes that means not knowing why I'm doing the things that I'm doing.  I'm not sure why I went to this workshop other than to get credit, but I know that I felt led to attend this seminar and connect with these people.  However, maybe the decisiveness is about choosing to believe in something greater than myself.  Maybe the sword is my belief cutting through the dark cards and letting the light in.  I know that when I work hard to move the dark clouds along, I do feel more connected.


I'm grateful for the yummy taco salads
I'm grateful for chilling out with Cam
I'm grateful for Jill doing such a great presentation
I'm grateful for the pictures of Wendy & Clark
I'm grateful for the yummy smoothie

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