Sunday, September 1, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Eight of Pentacles

First Impressions:  Industry, working

Book:  Creating a fertile habitat

Guidance:  Focus your work attention on the physical work needed to achieve your drams


Today I focused on school work which may not be exactly the message intended by this card, but it is physical work as it involves working on the computer, reading books, and a lot of thinking.  The thinking is amazing and hard as I'm learning a lot of new concepts and it is really expanding my mind and my heart, but it is also difficult as I feel my heart and brain tugged toward something new, but I still need to do my existing job to pay the bills.  That is a quandary to be in and I don't exactly know what the solution is.

This card is also a reminder to pay attention to my physical surroundings and I don't do a good job of that.  It is so hard to take care of the house, work full time, and go to school.  I also hear my mother's flipping voice in my head as she tells me to "clean my room."  However, as time goes by I am am finding it increasingly easy to ignore her.  She is a product of another generation, a generation where women were slaves to their family and they were supposed to sacrifice their own hopes and dreams for those of others.  I initially thought that was something that only my own mother drilled into my head, but the more I listen to other women's stories, the more that I realize that this was a generational thing and that a lot of women endured these evil lessons from their parents. 

The thing is that I do take pride in my house and I do want it to be a pleasant place to live, but I also don't have the time or energy to clean up after three people and two dogs, especially because we are all slobs.  I guess the key is to just keep plugging away and do a little at a time.


I'm grateful for the yummy turkey
I'm grateful that Cam was okay with the burgers as they didn't have the roast
I'm grateful to Sean for taking stuff to the curb
I'm grateful for the cool weather
I'm grateful that I mostly got the dining room table cleaned off
I'm grateful to Sean for putting dishes away
I'm grateful I spent time cleaning the wood room

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