Thursday, September 19, 2019

Deliberate Draw: The Hierophont

First Impressions:  Peace, Wisdom, Inner mirroring outer

Book:  Leader who uses his status to spread a message of love, hope, compassion, and acceptance

Guidance:  Search for a teacher who channels divine wisdom


One of my favorite aspects of the Dali Lama is that he is a spiritual leader who leads without dogma and he lives his life according to his faith.  He doesn't preach that his version of faith is any better or worse than anyone else's and he has lessons that speak to us all.  When I first became a pagan, I thought I was being anti-dogmatic because I was so upset by how Christians acted.  However, what I came to realize was that my anti-dogma was actually dogma because my views of Christianity were so negative that I considered anyone who practiced Christianity as stupid and unworthy of my respect.  However, as time went on, I started to realize that my problem was not really with Christianity, but with the misogynistic version of my childhood.  I'd been brought up believing that Catholics were bad, that Jews were bad, and that women were especially bad.  Those experiences prevented me from seeing the beauty in Christ's messages of healing and love.

It was only when I became a fully actualized grownup and spent some time actually reading the words of Christ and studying his life, that I realized he was a healer and some would say a shaman.  I realized that he appreciated women and treated them as equals and that his was a message of love and not division.  I'm comfortable in my own very eclectic spirituality, but learning the truth about Christianity has helped me to let go of my own dogma as I've realized that dogma in any way shape or form can hurt people if it is based on a doctrine of fear and othering.  I've started to look for teachers and lessons from all faiths as I've realized that most faiths do have something  beautiful and positive to offer.

I'm grateful for the good call to review recruiting and onboarding
I'm grateful for the beautiful weather
I'm grateful for the creativity Cam and I are expressing
I'm grateful for cuddling with Wendy
I'm grateful for yummy Pizza
I'm grateful for the awesome salad that I had
I'm grateful for being caught up on my homework
I'm grateful for Sean taking the doggos for a walk

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