Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Deliberate Draw: The Magician

First Impressions:  Magic, Power, Control, Making things happen

Book:  Rumi bringing gifts on the solstice.  Using will, the elements, and Spirit to manifest that which is desired

Guidance:  Through focused energy we are able to harness the means to create our destiny


Interesting that I've been picking a lot of cards about manifesting lately and about using energy to manifest what we want.  This is one of my very favorite images of the magician as I love how he is channeling the cards themselves into being.  Manifestation has been on my mind lately as I think about what it really takes to manifest and how it is not just lighting a few candles and chanting, it is also putting our hearts, our souls, and the sweat of our brow into bringing what we want into fruition.  I've used that formula to manifest lots of things in my life including the very house that I'm sitting in.

The question I'm pondering now is how to manifest things that are more eternal, like love and friendship?  What magick do I do and what real world actions do I take to bring love and friendship into my life?  And how do I do that magick when my life is so crazy and it seems like I'm never in one place long enough to go out and meet people?  This is a quandary that I've been pondering for quite some time as I think about what magick and manifestation means to me.  Maybe the bottom line is that I still need to do some work on loving myself.  I have come so far, but maybe there is still work to do.

I'm grateful for snuggling with Wendy on the couch
I'm grateful for Sean going to get Ohio City Burrito
I'm grateful for getting work done
I'm grateful for the beautiful weather out
I'm grateful for the kids taking the dog's for a walk
I'm grateful for both doggos
I'm grateful for Cam getting french fries

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