Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Six of Wands

First Impressions  Triple Goddess, Lighting Someone Else's Flame

Book:  Triple Goddess of Creativity, lighting flames of inspiration

Guidance:  Be an inspiration


The ability to inspire others is important, but the ability to form communities where everyone inspires everyone else is equally important.  In some ways my little family is that community where people inspire each other.  Sean is such an inspiration and I honestly don't know how he does it as he works, then goes to the gym when he gets off work at midnight.  He goes to the gym most every day and walks the dogs and he has seen so much progress in losing weight.  And while the weight loss is inspiring in and of itself, I think almost the best part is seeing his increased confidence and seeing how he is starting to value himself instead of calling himself "fat one" or talking about himself as stupid.  It has been amazing to see him grow and change and become a better version of himself.  Cam is another inspiration as she has battled so much adversity in her life, but she just keeps plugging away.  I know it is really hard for her some days, but she gets up and does the best she can. 

I can't take total credit for my children's makeover as they had to find the courage deep within themselves to decide to make a change, but I hope that my willingness to work hard for what I want and to work to make a better life for all of us has inspired them in some way.  There have been days it has been incredibly difficult to keep getting up and moving forward, but despite the hardships, I have kept working on myself.  The best thing is that I've seen myself becoming more confident and more self assured.  I've realized that I do have worth and value and I am starting to be proud of who I have become.

What I am learning as I continue to work with the tarot is that the cards I sometimes have difficulty with are the cards that I really need to study and reflect on.  This card was one of them because I thought it was about self promotion, but I'm realizing that valuing myself and having confidence can be an inspiration for others.

I'm grateful for the kind words from Jimmy
I'm grateful for the support from Jamie and Ted on my job description
I'm grateful that Cam is doing well at school
I'm grateful that Sean is doing well and is speaking more positively about himself

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