Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Deliberate Draw: The Tower

First Impressions:  Falling, grief, collapse

Book:  Something new can be built, change will bring release from habitual patterns that no longer serve us

Guidance:  Old structures fall down bringing release from old patterns


I chose the tower today because it is the day that the towers fell and 18 years after that event, I'm realizing that the falling of the towers was not just a terrorist attack on the United States, I'm also realizing that in some ways the falling of the towers represented the fall of the patriarchy, the fall of our hubris, the release of our arrogance.  America has always been a place that prides itself on its openness and acceptance and while the towers falling brought out some of the best of humanity, it also brought out some of the worst.  We had Sikhs and Muslims attacked because people could not separate the fact from the fantasy and could not accept that people other than Christians could be peace loving.

Trump represents the worst of us and I believe he is deepening the tower times as his policies are harming so many people.  However, I believe that ultimately the message of the tower will be reinforced and there will be something else we are able to build on the ashes of what we have now.  There is so much ugliness and pain, but I think that exposing the layers of ugliness will help us clean out the old and the nasty and create a new world.

Never Forget!

I'm grateful people still remember 09/11
I'm grateful for the beautiful day
I'm grateful for the pizza
I'm grateful for getting to go home a day early
I'm grateful for the beautiful Chicago skyline
I'm grateful for driving down LSD in a little red convertible
I'm grateful for a hug from Scott

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