Sunday, October 13, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Knight of Cups

First Impressions:  Open heart

Book: Welcoming the flow of feelings

Guidance: Acting from the heart


It's Sean's birthday today and he's been in my life for 30 years and it has been a roller coaster, but I am so glad that he's my kid.  I'm also so proud of the positive changes he's made in the last year.  He's lost a lot of weight, he's gone back to school, and he's really grown up before my eyes.  I admire him so much as he goes out and runs 5Ks and I don't know how he gets the energy.  He is also the most compassionate and loving person in the family and he has an incredibly tender heart. 

When you first have children, you tend to think of the things that you will teach them, but as they grow up, you start to realize that your children can teach you many lessons as well.  Here are some of the lessons I've learned from my son:

  1. Dealing with Disappointment. There were many times when Sean was growing up that we could not give him everything he wanted and he, mostly, handled that with grace.
  2. The value of discretion.  Sean is in a hard place as it often seems as if he is trapped between his father and me, but he manages this emotionally fraught relationship with discretion and even though it sometimes drives me nuts, I'm incredibly proud of him.
  3. He understands it takes hard work to change your life.  He realized his weight was out of control last year and he took steps to change it and he's lost a lot of weight and is feeling much better.
  4. Follow your passions.  It might seem silly to some, but Sean has really been motivated to lose weight by which rollercoasters he can ride.  He gets so excited when he can ride a new roller coaster.
  5. Love animals.  Our entire family loves animals, but I think Sean loves them most of all as he is kind and compassionate even to the animals that Cam and I aren't fond of.
  6. Be willing to change your mind.  Sean was adamant he wouldn't go back to school, but then he realized that if he wanted to build a better life, he would need to go back to school and he did.
  7. Pay Attention.  Sean is the best gift giver in the family and that's because he really pays attention to what people say and he listens.
  8. Do what needs to be done. Sean's job can be miserable at times and he often comes home and complains about it, but at the end of he day he sucks it up and does it.
  9. Take care of the people you love.  Sean does a great job of taking care of the people and critters he loves and even though he might grumble, he takes care of us.
  10. Be your own person.  He drives me nuts sometimes and I don't always understand his interests, but he is his own person and I'm proud of him.
Sean truly is the knight of cups in the family because he leads with his heart.

I'm grateful that I've had Sean in my life for 30 years
I'm grateful that he is so kind and loving
I'm grateful he liked the Angel Food Cake
I'm grateful we had dinner as a family before I had to leave
I'm grateful for an ontime flight
I'm grateful for the beautiful weather

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