Saturday, October 5, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Nine of Wands

First Impressions: Crawling the last few steps

Book: Enduring many challenges, close to completion of the journey

Guidance:  Hang in there, you have learned many lessons and are close to completion


There have been so many days lately where it feels as if I will never reach a place of peace and happiness.  There have been so many trials and tribulations and it feels as if the burdens just keep piling on instead of being removed.  This card is about being battered and bruised, but digging deep within to find the strength to keep going.  I've been in this place many times before and I've always been able to dig down and find that little bit more to keep persevering.  However, this time it feels as if there is no more, as if the well is dry and there is nothing more to find within my reservoir.  I don't even know who I can lean on in this time of deep soul pain.  And it feels as if I am not only bearing my own soul pain, but I'm also bearing Cam's as well.

This card is telling me that I can make it, that I can find what I need to push past the finish line and be successful.  I don't know where I'll find that little bit more, but I will keep looking for it and I will just keep pushing forward.  Interestingly, what they are telling me is that it is not about finding a little bit more right now, the key for me right now is to lean on my staff and to take a breather.  The key for me in this card is to know when to stop and take a breather and when to continue pushing forward.  There is no point in reaching the goal if I am going to collapse across the finish line.  True wisdom and knowledge is knowing when to push and knowing when to pull back.

Now is a time when I need to pull back, when I need to rest and not continue to push.  I need to take a break and let myself be human.


I'm grateful for getting my paper finished
I'm grateful for taking a great walk
I'm grateful for the beautiful weather
I'm greatful for getting the doggo room cleaned out

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