Saturday, March 21, 2020

Daily Draw: Four of Cups and Seal

I've decided that as part of my personal routine as we slog through the downtime ad uncertainty, I'm going to go back to pulling a daily card, but with a twist.  I'm going to pull a tarot card to ask me what I need to know for the day and an oracle card to guide me on putting the knowledge into action.  For now I'm using the original World Spirit Tarot drawn by Lauren O'Leary and the She who Watches Oracle Deck by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.

The four of cups showed up to tell me that I need to stop wallowing in self-pity and discontent and I need to pick myself up, dust myself off and get on with it.  I have to let go of the fear and the feeling like nothing I do matters and just get on with it.  This is such a valid reading for today because just like the rest of the world I am mired in uncertainty.  I'm worried about my health, my job, my finances, and all of that, but this card tells me to let go of that apathy and do what I can do.  I can cook a wonderful dinner for my kids, I can go for a walk, I can do the work that I have to do, I can clean house.  There are so many things that I can do that are within my control and I need to focus on those things instead of focusing on all the things I cannot control.

Seal invited me into her world of magic and transformation and asked me to accept the challenge and to stay alert.  This is such an apt message for this time in the world's history because it is a challenge, but I also feel that there is an underlying transformation taking place and that if we can surf the waves and ride it out, we will be okay.

These cards were so powerful today in this time of transformation and they provided exactly the guidance that I needed.

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