Friday, May 1, 2020

Daily Draw: Four of Wands and Passion

The Four of Wands from The Light Seer's Tarot is all about celebration and recognizing that life is a journey and a celebration all wrapped into one.  Sometimes we really need to let go of the "shoulds" and take time for all the things that make life fun.  I think sometimes we get all wrapped up in the shoulds and we don't take time to be grateful and to cherish the life that we have to live.  This was a weird card for me as I "graduated" with my MA this week, but there was no walk across the aisle.  I also quit a job that I really like to take something more secure.  The Four of Pentacles is reminding me that I have accomplished a lot and it's okay to take some time to celebrate that and to cherish my accomplishments.

I'm also so incredibly fortunate that I have amazing kids who took time to decorate the house for my graduation on Saturday (the day graduation was supposed to have happened) and to really make it special for me.  They know that I was feeling time so they got streamers, a banner for in front of the house, and while I was out getting food, they decorated the house for me.  It made me feel special and truly loved.

Passion from the Journey Oracle reminds me that it is okay to live an authentic life and to be true to myself.  Sometimes I get caught up in biting my tongue because I want to satisfy other people and Passion says that that is not okay.  I need to be truthful and authentic.

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